Future-focused courses

Browse future-focused professional learning offered by the department and approved accredited providers.

Tailored professional learning

If you are seeking a tailored professional learning session for a group of people, please send an email to futureslearning@det.nsw.edu.au and include your preferred date(s) and time(s), school name, number of attendees and topics of interest.

Our courses are offered in the following modes of delivery:

  • Face-to-face – requires participants to attend a course face-to-face at a specific location over a duration of time.
  • Blended – requires participants to attend a course face-to-face for a duration of time then access and interact with content online to complete follow-on components.
  • Online – requires participants to access and interact with all course content online.
Course name (mode of delivery) Registered hours Non-registered hours Level of registration Audience
Learning and teaching in innovative learning environments Registered hours – coming soon Non-registered hours – coming soon Coming soon K-12
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