Evaluation Essentials for School Leadership workshop

Evaluation Essentials for School Leadership is a professional development program on evaluative thinking. You can enrol on MyPL.

About the program

The program:

  • consolidates and strengthens evaluative thinking and practice in your school
  • helps school leaders to review their school's structures and processes across the school and within their school plan
  • includes a full day workshop and a chance to design an evaluation.

Full-day workshop

Begin by attending the full-day workshop run in your local area by evaluation specialists.

The course is registered course at Highly Accomplished career stage for 6 hours.

Prior to attending the workshop, you will need to:

  • Select a project, program or initiative that you would like to evaluate from your school. This can be from within your school plan or another current structure or process within your school. Read tips for choosing a project, program or initiative to evaluate.
  • Identify colleagues to work on evaluation planning with you.
  • Invite these people to attend the workshop with you.
  • Review the evaluation milestones for the project, program or initiative you have selected, as they were written in your school plan, or for projects without milestones, consider what the evaluation milestones for the project might be.

Tips for choosing what to evaluate

Tips if you are choosing a project, program or initiative to evaluate within your school:

  • strategic - choose something where the evaluation findings have implications for school leadership AND/OR implementing your 2018-2020 School plan
  • mature - if your project is in its early stages of implementation, you might not be able to say much about outcomes
  • contained - if it has too many different elements, it will be difficult to evaluate within the time frame
  • focused - if its objectives are unclear or too general, the evaluation will be difficult to plan.

Before attending the workshop, ask yourself:

  • what data do you think would be useful?
  • does this data already exist?
  • if not, how would you collect it?
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