Anti-racism – research

The Anti-Racism Policy and anti-racism education programs are informed by research that is relevant to the NSW public school context and linked to improving the learning and wellbeing of students, and the school experiences of students, staff and community members.

Relevant research

ARB: Australian Reconciliation Barometer (Reconciliation Australia) - The ARB measures attitudes towards reconciliation, using the five dimensions of reconciliation to inform data collection and analysis. It is a biennial, national research study, undertaken by Reconciliation Australia since 2008. The 2020 ARB shows that support for a reconciled nation is higher than ever with steady improvement across most measures. However, inequality and racism against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples still stand in the way.

Challenging Racism (Western Sydney University) - The Challenging Racism Project is a national research program on racism and anti-racism in Australia based in the School of Social Sciences and Psychology at Western Sydney University. Research themes include attitudes towards cultural diversity, race and racism, experiences of racism and their impact, anti-racism strategies, cyber-racism, Islamophobia, and violent extremism.

Mapping social cohesion report (Scanlon Foundation Research Institute) - Surveys which provides social research, a series of detailed surveys on social cohesion, immigration and population issues. A prime objective of the surveys is to further understanding of the social impact of Australia’s increasingly diverse immigration program.

Results of our Progress Survey (2021) (NSW Department of Education) - In 2021 the Reconciliation Action Plan team surveyed staff across NSW Education to better understand the progress that has been made so far on reconciliation, and where we ought to direct our efforts in the future. This video summarises some of the key results.

SOAR: Speak Out Against Racism (Australian National University) - The SOAR project is a major research study conducted on NSW and Victorian public schools focused on understanding and addressing experiences and attitudes to racism and racial discrimination, and bystander responses to racism and racial discrimination in Australian schools.

Young people and social cohesion (eSafety Commissioner) - Research commissioned by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and the Department of Education and Training, November to December 2016. Research into the online experiences of young people to support eSafety programs promoting social cohesion and digital resilience. Respondents included 2,448 young people aged 12–17 years in Australia.


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