Secondary (Years 7-10)

Learning activities aligned to NSW syllabuses for use before, during and after viewing episodes on iView. Episodes are organised by key learning area and activities are suitable for students in Years 7 to 10. Each document contains links to the relevant series. Dates and times reflect the 2020 broadcast schedule. All episodes can be accessed through ABC iView.

BTN Explainers

BTN: Media Literacy

Poetry: Between the Lines

Shakespeare Uncovered

The Storybuilding Tool Kit

Against All Odds: Inside Statistics


Teenage Boss

A Stargazer's Guide to The Cosmos

Fierce Earth

BTN Specials

Children of the Holocaust

Dates That Made History

Exploration India

Fierce Earth

Kids of Courage

Pocket Compass

The House in Session

The Russian Revolution

Tropical Rainforests

Get into Textiles

Social Media Me

Fall in Love with Music

Your Paintings


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