Other jurisdictions

Teaching and learning resources from other Australian states and territories. Share with your colleagues.

Australian Capital Territory

Attendance – Current advice on school attendance for ACT schools.

Policy (Education and Attendance) – The enrolment and attendance policy for ACT schools.

Learn, Anywhere: ICT for Students – Support for ICT use by students including some digital citizenship content.

Resources, Anywhere: Digital Backpack – information on the student portal for ACT students.

Literacy and Numeracy Advice – range of resources for parents and teachers on literacy and numeracy, includes links to units of work.

Northern Territory

NT Schools Operating Environment – a landing page with links to a resources hub and other support and advice for NT teachers.


Student Absence Notification – Advice for contacting parents re student absences from Queensland schools.

Home Education - Curriculum Resources (PDF) – document containing links to curriculum and teaching resources.

Home Education Unit - Early Years Resources (PDF) – document containing links to teaching resources for early years students.

Home Education Unit - Middle Years Resources (PDF) – document containing links to teaching resources for middle years students.

Home Education Unit - Secondary Years Resources (PDF) – document containing links to teaching resources for secondary students.

The Learning Place - Online Learning Resources – information on and a link to the eLearning platform operated by the Queensland Department of Education.

South Australia

Attendance – Attendance policy for South Australian schools.

Curriculum and Teaching – links to advice and and support for curriculum delivery, includes information on Aboriginal cultural studies, EAL/D programs, languages and music.

Literacy and Numeracy Resources for Families – wide range of links to support, advice and resources for improving literacy and numeracy.


Attendance – Information for parents on attendance in Tasmanian schools.

My Education - Resources – Careers education resources and advice.

Quality Learning for All – Support for differentiating learning, including advice on learning plans and supporting students with EAL/D.

Good teaching guides – Links to downloadable documents that support literacy and numeracy outcomes as well as students with a disability or from an EAL/D background.


Mathematics and Numeracy at Home – advice and support for parents, includes videos, downloadable documents and links to activities,

Teaching and Learning with Digital Technologies – links to digital learning activities, support around safe use of ICT and video examples of how technology can be used in the classroom.

Virtual Learning and Conferencing – information around virtual learning in Victorian schools.

Digital Learning Opportunities for Teachers – professional learning resources available to Victorian teachers.

Western Australia

Attendance – information on absenteeism for West Australian schools.

Teaching and Learning – information on subject choices and study advice for West Australian students.

Resources for Educators – STEM learning projects for K-8 students, available as downloadable documents.

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