EDConnect smart purchasing

1 hour

Hear from the accounts payable, PCards and schools operation optimisation partners on how to make purchasing easy. This session will cover the latest initiatives in purchasing including:

  • consolidated billing – what it is and how it saves you time
  • smart purchasing decision making – how and when to use PCards, EdBuy and SAP for the fastest and easiest way to pay
  • PCard structures and limits – how to set yourself up to make purchasing with PCards easy (best practice)
  • getting rid of unnecessary tasks – minimise duplication of work and additional workflows by choosing the best way to pay and following processes
  • using the operational reports to track your spend.

Software to be used: Adobe Connect – live session

  • Monday 20 July - 12:00 pm
  • Monday 20 July - 2:00 pm

Registration via MyPL (Course code: NT00851)

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