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Do you teach HSC/Prelim Biology, English Advanced, English Standard, PDHPE or Visual Arts? Register now.

02 November 2020

Round 4 in Term 4

Are you a Stage 6 teacher delivering Biology, English Advanced, English Standard, PDHPE or Visual Arts in 2020 or 2021? Then join us for Round 4 of HSC PL in 2020 where collectively, we will explore and reconnect with proven methods for lifting your students' HSC outcomes. Register now!

You can be completely new to the PL program or have participated in previous rounds this year, all are welcome. Round 4 will have more resources and new PL activities. Attending teachers can continue to deepen their practice and make plans for teaching into 2021.


Delivered online in real-time using Microsoft Teams.


8:15am to 3:30pm over a full school day in Term 4. Choose the day that best suits you when you fill out the registration form.

  • Week 6 – Thursday 19 November
  • Week 7 – Monday 23 November
  • Week 7 – Wednesday 25 November
  • Week 7 – Friday 27 November
  • Week 8 – Monday 30 November
  • Week 8 – Wednesday 2 December

An innovative and highly-regarded PL

  • Access new, high-quality resources co-designed by outstanding teachers
  • Connect with HSC teachers from across the state who share their practices and lead this PL
  • Meet and collaborate with other teachers delivering your subject
  • Explore real student responses, their relationship with High Leverage Strategies and the discriminating features of high achievement in the HSC
  • NESA accredited


Natasha or Nancy in Quality Teaching Practice: HSCProfessionalLearning@det.nsw.edu.au.

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