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HSC hub

The HSC hub is a catalogue of quality resources aligned to the NSW HSC syllabuses.

Teachers can easily find resources that complement the work they are planning to prepare their students for the HSC.

Image: Find the resources you need quickly and direct your students to the resources that will best support them.

Teachers will guide students to the most appropriate resources which can be accessed using their Department of Education logins.

There will be a wide variety of material available. The first release will include material from Edrolo, Aurora College and WooTube. Internally produced resources will initially support English, Mathematics and Science with more resources in development for Creative Arts, HSIE, PDHPE and TAS. Comprehensive support for languages has been available through professional teacher associations, foreign government agencies and universities.

Department of Education teachers are invited to join statewide staffrooms for expert advice and collegial conversations.

Existing resources

While we put the finishing touches on the HSC hub, check out:


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