Professional learning and resources

Professional learning sessions and resources for teachers to support children and families with a strong and successful start to school.


The Early Learning matters podcast series provides a series of podcasts targeted at teachers to unpack pedagogical practice and understanding of early childhood curriculum. Three recent episodes address transition to school:

  • Transition to school at Tarro Public School – Jacqui Ward talks to the Tarro Public School team about their transition to school practices in the context of COVID-19.
  • What is transition? Sue Dockett and Bob Perry reflect on 24 years of research and publication about transition to school.
  • Transition and COVID-19 – Sue Dockett and Bob Perry discuss possible impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on children and families starting school.

Professional learning

Supporting transition for young children with disability

This professional learning will support educators to use family-centred and strengths-based practice to provide individual transition support for young children with additional support needs and their families.

Learners will:

  • explore a range of practices to support strong transitions for young children with disability or support needs
  • consider strategies to support transition to school or to early childhood services for children with disability or support needs in the context of COVID-19

Transition to school and COVID-19

This webinar has been prepared and is presented by Emeritus Professors Sue Dockett and Bob Perry, Directors of Peridot Education Pty Ltd. Sue and Bob have been researching and publishing about transition to school for over 24 years. They are national and international leaders in the field. The material in this webinar derives from Sue and Bob’s research and publications and explores transition to school practices in the context of COVID-19.

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Supporting a play based approach to transition

This professional learning will support teachers in planning and developing transition initiatives for the children transitioning to school in different circumstances. The session provides an update on the research and understandings of how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on this cohort’s early learning opportunities. It will support teachers to consider what these impacts may be and reflect on ways to plan for transition in the long term to enhance children’s early experiences of school.

Learners participating in this course will:

  • explore the importance of access to early childhood education for children's learning
  • consider concepts of transition and appropriate ways to support children's learning through play.

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Collaborative partnerships supporting effective transition

This session will help schools reflect on and understand the importance of collaborative partnerships supporting effective transitions for young children, particularly in situations where children may not have had the opportunity to attend their regular early childhood service or usual transition programs due to COVID 19. This professional learning focuses on various methods which may be used to collaborate with family, community services and other agencies available within their school community to ensure equity and support effective transition to school.

Learners participating in this course will:

  • reflect on the key role of partnerships in effective transition to school practices
  • consider innovative strategies to engage with transition to school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Effective transition to school (virtual staff meeting)

For further information on transition, you can access the recording from a recent Early Action for Success (EAfS) virtual staff meeting which addressed transition to school planning and the features of an effective transition program.

Go to Effective transition to school virtual staff meeting via Microsoft Stream.

Resources for families

The Resources for families page provides a range of resources that teachers can use to help families support their child’s learning at home, including:

  • Learning outcome cards - unpack learning that is happening for children in the early years curriculum and demonstrate links to learning at school.
  • Every day learner cards – a range of activities that families can play with their children at home, explaining the learning that is happening through it.
  • Every day routine cards - outline everyday routines that happen in the home and explain how families can incorporate learning into these routines.
The Early learners five-part animation series explores the learning that happens in the early years of a child’s life at home and early childhood services, the important role families play in their child’s learning and how this learning supports a child’s lifelong educational journey, including a strong start to school.

The Learning every day and in every way through play podcast series is targeted at families, with a focus on how children’s learning during play and everyday routines can be supported by families to support children’s learning at home.
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