Early learning at home

Support for educators to deal with the closure of a preschool or early intervention class or the extended absence of a child due to illness or other reasons.

Continuity of learning and transitions is an important practice of the Early years learning framework.

Educators’ should:

  • draw on their creativity, intuition and imagination to help them improvise and adjust their practice to suit learning from home
  • consider a child and family's unique needs and circumstances, for example children with English as a second language and those with disability
  • use their knowledge of Aboriginal students, families and communities to develop planned experiences
  • consider individualised learning plans when assessing how a child is progressing in their learning and what you might suggest families build on during the child’s time at home
  • involve the child’s current strengths, interests and areas of focus to continue their learning at home.

Learning from home resources

Use these resources to support children who are absent from preschool or an early intervention class.

Communication with families about the child’s learning at home is an important part of these resources. This will be key to the child’s successful return to preschool or early intervention.

On the child’s return educators are encouraged to gather feedback from families about their child’s time at home:

  • What has the child been interested in?
  • What learning has the family observed?
  • What experiences have they engaged in with their child?

Use this to inform the child’s individualised learning plan moving forward, also considering educators’ own knowledge of how the child was progressing before the absence.

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Early learning matters podcast

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