Maths help

Maths is a numbers game but for some students (and parents) the figures don't add up. We've provided some useful resources to help you arrive at the right answer.

Helping with maths and numeracy

Maths today is about understanding number patterns, not learning by rote. Consider the following when helping your child with maths.

  • Practise times tables. Children who know their times tables are more confident with their numbers and maths in general.
  • There is always more than one way to get the right answer. Children are encouraged to work things out in more than one way, as a way to check their answer.
  • Stay positive. Try not to say, "I was bad at maths too". It might lower your child's expectations of themselves.
  • Don't jump in and tell your child the answer or how to get to the answer. Ask: "What is the question asking you?" or "How should we go about working this out?"
  • Talk to the teacher if your child needs more help with their homework.

Maths A to Z glossary

Visit maths A to Z for a comprehensive glossary of mathematical terms used in school.

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