Package 3-1: Creative arts – Street art

In this lesson your child will be inspired by the artist Tracy Lee Stum to create their own artwork.

Week 4 - Package 1 - Year 5 & 6 Creative arts - Street art

Things your child will need

Have these things available so your child can complete this task.


  • Computer

  • Paper, lead pencil and eraser

  • Textas coloured pencils

  • Permanent marker

  • Chalk

  • Paints (extension only)

Back up

  • Smartphone

  • Crayons or coloured pencils

  • Black pen or texta

  • Charcoal from a fire pit or barbeque

Before your child starts

  • Think about the role of rap in street language and communication.

  • Remind children that graffiti is not something to be encouraged and focus on the difference to art where permission is sought first.

  • What is street art and how is it different to graffiti?

  • Are there any local examples to examine?

  • What impact does graffiti have as opposed to street art?

  • How does street art communicate to people like in rap music?

  • Gather the equipment as above.

  • Consider whether creating a mural is something your household would appreciate.

What your child needs to do

  1. Drawing on the knowledge and understanding gained from the ‘Rubbish Rap’, consider the role of rap music as street music using street language over a beat.

  2. Think about street art. Often it goes unnoticed. Can you think of places where there is street art in your local area? What is the difference to graffiti?

  3. Create some street art for inside the house and outside using a patch of concrete inspired by the work of street artists.

What your child can do next

  1. Watch this video, Is graffiti art? Or vandalism? - Kelly Wall, to help develop an understanding of what street art is. What is the difference to graffiti?

  2. Create some street art using this video as a guide. Start by creating an ‘Art’ tag using letter outlines and colouring. Explore different colours for effect.

  3. Next, make another to suit your context such as a name card or something similar that could be used in your home.

  4. Explore the work of Tracy Lee Stum by watching this video of her work.

  5. Create your own versions of street art inspired by Stum’s work giving some sort of connection to reality. Some simple examples might include a chalk ‘bed’ outline on your driveway or holding some balloons. You may notice that the proportion isn’t always exact but they give the illusion of reality.

child lying down on the footpath with a rectangle drawn with chalk around the child. chalk drawing of balloons on footpath

Options for your child

Activity too hard?

Create a letter or initials using some street art techniques.

Activity too easy?

Use the inspiration of Tracy Lee Strum’s work to create your community’s biggest chalk art.

Extension/additional activity

Explore the work of street artists like Banksy. Find an area within your home where you could create a mural to depict something relevant to your life or local area. This may include shapes, patterns, people or animals using chalk or paints. Remember to ask permission first.

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