Package 2-4: Poem – The Sea – Part 1

In this package your child will watch a video of a lesson about a poem and will complete a series of activities to develop their vocabulary.

Week 3 - Package 4 - Year 5 & 6 English/literacy - The Sea by Paula Stevenson - Part 1

Things your child will need

Have these things available so your child can complete this task.


Back up

Before your child starts

This lesson focuses on developing vocabulary using Paula Stevenson’s poem The Sea. This may be the first introduction to the poem, so reading aloud together can help to develop rhythm and pronounce words that are unfamiliar.

Your child will need a dictionary and a thesaurus, or can use an online version.

What your child needs to do

Your child will watch a video of a lesson about the poem and will complete a series of activities to develop their vocabulary. The teacher will guide your child as they learn new vocabulary.

Throughout the lesson, your child will be asked to pause the video to complete an activity on the activity sheets.

By the end of the lesson, your child will have activities to support them to be able to:

  • identify vocabulary which is unfamiliar
  • use a process to define unknown words.

What your child can do next

Your child will be brainstorming vocabulary, defining words and using a graphic organiser to display their understanding of a new word.

Options for your child

Activity too hard?

Work with your child to find a word that is more appropriate from the poem. Your child might just read the first two stanzas rather than the whole poem.

Activity too easy?

Your child might read The Tide Falls by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to find similarities in the vocabulary used.

Extension/Additional activity

Your child might enjoy reading the poem aloud as a monologue. This could be recorded and shared with family or friends.

Activity sheet 1: Images of the sea

Your tasks:

Listen to the audio version of the poem The Sea by Paula Stevenson. If you do not have access to the audio version, read the poem on Activity sheet 2.

  • As you listen, sketch the images that come into your head.
  • Add some nouns, adjectives and verbs to describe your sketch.

Activity sheet 2: The sea by Paula Stevenson

Your tasks:

  • Read the poem The Sea by Paula Stevenson.
  • Highlight or underline any unfamiliar words or phrases.

The Sea

A poem by Paula Stevenson

The Sea

I can smell it first—

the salty air, feel it

crusting my skin,

stiffening my hair.

Then I can hear it—

the engine of the sea

roaring, churning.

I race across

the stinging sand

to the cool fringes

of the waves.

My toes disappear—

footless I stand

like a statue

on a strange shore.

The waves unroll

then retreat

exposing my feet

on corrugated ridges.

Above me gulls shriek

diving like arrows,

piercing the skin

of the sea.

I trace a trail

past glowing bluebottles

and beaded seaweed.

On the sandy floor

of the rock pool

three red starfish

gaze at the sky above.

Text used with permission from The School Magazine

Activity sheet 3: Frayer model

Your task:

  • Complete the Frayer model as you watch the video.

Activity sheet 4: Your Frayer model

Your task:

  • Choose a word from the poem The Sea by Paula Stevenson that you are unfamiliar with or one you would like to further investigate.
  • Complete the Frayer model for the word you chose. You might like to use the Collins Dictionary website to help you.
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