Week 6, package 4: GetActive@Home

Watch the GetActive@Home episodes and follow along with the hosts as you practise a range of movement skills through a range of challenges.

Week 6 - Package 4 - K - Year 6 Physical activity - GetActive@Home

Things your child will need

Have these things available so your child can complete this task.


Kindergarten - Year 2 episodes

Year 3 - 6 episodes

Other resources

  • Activity logbook
  • Tracking card
  • Specific equipment for each episode is described at the beginning of each lesson video. They are typical items found around the home.

Back up

The PDF episode guides can be downloaded, printed or viewed online and act as a summary of the activities in each episode.

Kindergarten - Year 2

Year 3 - 6

Before your child starts

  • Make sure your child has everything that they will need at the start of the lesson. Needed equipment is explained at the start of each episode or can be found in the episode guides.
  • Check that the videos are working and that the volume is turned up for the video lessons. If they cannot access the videos they can follow the activities on the episode guides.
  • Make sure your child has suitable shoes on and that the environment is open and free from obstacles (2 big steps in every direction is enough space).
  • If your child has already learnt these skills, this will be a good chance to practise and strengthen this learning.

What your child needs to do

Your child should watch the GetActive@Home videos and participate in the activities on the screen. The supporting episode guides are an alternative to the video, and provide an overview of each episode.

In these lessons your child will be learning a range of movement skills in an active way by following along with the presenters. They will learn the important elements that lead to success and will have an opportunity to learn the skills in a sequence. This means the skills will start easy and slowly get harder as the lesson goes on. They will be encouraged to practise these skills through a range of challenges.

Kindergarten - Year 2 episodes

Year 3 - 6 episodes

Check that your child is completing the activity as directed. Check that they are following the key instructions emphasised by the presenter. It is not important that they perform the skills perfectly or that they achieve success in every attempt. You can use the teaching cues from the activity cards to guide them such as “make a nest” to reinforce the main points. You can ask your child the questions from the activity cards such as “what can you do to make catching easier?”. You might like to join in with the activities too and model the skills as the presenters do.

What your child can do next

  • More episodes are released throughout the week so you can find the next episode at the GetActive@Home website.
  • Remember to fill in your activity log book and tracking card to keep your child motivated and monitor their progress of being physically active.
  • You may decide to rewatch parts of the episode that your child enjoyed or pause the video as you watch to spend more time practising the activities. This can also continue after the lesson, in other locations such as a local park, if safe to do so.
  • Now that your child is familiar with some of the activities, you could use episode guides to practise some of the skills throughout the week.

Options for your child

Activity too hard?

  • You can slow down the learning by pausing and providing more time to practise.
  • You can focus on the key instructions such as ‘make a nest’ or ‘use your laser eyes’.
  • Using a bigger ball or object will make most activities easier.

Activity too easy?

  • The lessons progress from easy to harder skills so you can move to the end of the video for the challenging activities.
  • Using a smaller object in most activities will increase the difficulty.
  • Try using the non-dominant hand or foot.

Extension/Additional activity

  • Set a personal record and then try to beat that record for an activity.
  • Access the range of activities on the GetActive@Home website for ideas of other challenging games.
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