Package 1 - Year 3 and 4 Creative arts - Bim Bam

In this lesson your child will learn a song with accompanying body percussion.

Week 6 - Package 1 - Year 3 and 4 Creative arts - Bim Bam

Things your child will need

Have these things available so your child can complete this task.


Back up

  • Smartphone

Before your child starts

Things to think about:

  • Traditional songs and rhymes are used and modified by children all around the world, and passed down through generations. Do you have any playground chants or songs you can teach your child from when you were a child? (Teddy Bear, I’m the King of the Castle or other singing, skipping or clapping games or a lullaby that was sung to you at bedtime).

  • Does your child have a rhyme or chant that they use in the playground? (For example, Baby Shark). Can they teach this rhyme, chant or song to you?

What your child needs to do

  1. Watch the animated clip of ‘Bim Bam’.

  2. Which of the group is very mixed up and not able to keep up? (The girl in the pink top). Why do you think she has trouble?

  3. Watch again. How many words are there in this song? (Only 3). Can you notice a connection between the words and the actions?

  4. Notice that the three words, bim, bam and biddy, line up with three actions: bim = clap, bam = click and biddy = slap.

  5. Practise again slowly. Can you sing slowly and match your actions to the words?

  6. Practise this again with the video. Are you able to keep up when the singing gets faster?

What your child can do next

  1. When you are able to perform this song confidently, go and teach someone else in your household.

  2. Can you make up new words for the song? You will need 2 one syllable words and 1 two syllable word. For example: Mum, Dad and bab-y.

Options for your child

Activity too hard?

Learn the song slowly, practising the actions to match the words.

Activity too easy?

Switch the actions around. For example, use a click for ‘bim’, a slap for ‘bam’ and claps for ‘biddy’. This will be very confusing and tricky!

Extension/additional activity

Take this nonsense song and teach your family, so that you can all perform it together. Get faster and faster until someone makes a mistake. The person who can perform it fastest correctly will be the winner! It probably won’t be an adult, because adults always find this very hard.

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