Package 3 - Year 1 - Year 6 Everyone’s an Author

Everyone's an Author is a digital creative writing program featuring ten great Australian authors. Each week an author focuses on a different aspect of writing and a learning journal is released for students to use. This week explore 'Creating Characters' with Yvette Posholigan and 'Developing Dialogue' with Tim Harris.

Week 4 - Package 3 - Year 1 - Year 6 Everyone’s an Author

Things your child will need

Have these things available so your child can complete this task.


Chapter one - Creating characters

Chapter two - Developing dialogue

The Learning Journals have been optimised for use with the Pages App on iPads as they are an interactive task, however tasks can be easily completed using any device by simply downloading the PDF file.

Before your child starts

Everyone's an Author is a creative digital writing program featuring ten great Aussie authors. This is suited to students in Year 1 through to Year 8 with a focus on English. Activities can be varied to suit your child’s ability. Each chapter of the program features:

  • a short author video with tips on an aspect of writing

  • a downloadable and free Learning Journal for students covering that aspect of digital writing

By the end of the program, students will have completed a Learning Journal covering ten aspects of digital writing from experts.

You can access the new videos and Learning Journals directly from Technology 4 Learning - Everyone’s an Author website.

What your child needs to do

Your child will watch Everyone’s an Author - Creating Characters featuring Yvette Poshoglian. They can then complete the activities in the Learning Journal. This may be printed as a PDF, completed online or the Pages document can be downloaded on to an iPad as an interactive task.

What your child can do next

Your child can watch Everyone’s an Author - Dialogue featuring Tim Harris and complete the Learning Journal activities.

Options for your child

Activity too hard?

Discuss some of the activities from the Learning Journal with your child and ask for their responses verbally.

Activity too easy?

Have a go at writing your own story using the tips that you’ve learnt from listening to the authors.

Extension/additional activity

Your child may like to do some more research about the particular author to find some more interesting facts and about their stories. Learn more about authors Yvette Posholigan and Tim Harris on their websites.

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