Package 1 - Year 1 and 2 Creative Arts - Nursery Rhymes

Continue to explore a range of nursery rhymes with your child.

Week 3 - Package 1 - Year 1 and 2 Creative Arts - Nursery Rhymes

Things your child will need

Have these things available so your child can complete this task.


· Computer

· Clear space to move

· Paintbrush

· Paints of a variety of colours

· Paper of any colour, preferably thick

· Little Miss Muffet video

Back up

· Smartphone

· A cloth to wipe on colour and a stick to scratch off with

· Blu Tack or polystyrene to scratch an image on

· White paper

Before your child starts

· Be prepared to sing, act and move with your child.

· Ask your child to help you set up a good art making space that protects furniture, their clothing and other precious items.

· Ensure you encourage them to clean up their paints and wash their brushes with you.

What your child needs to do

1. Choose a different nursery rhyme to the one previously explored. Some examples might include: ‘Little Bo Peep’, ‘Star Light, Star Bright’, ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ or ‘Rock-a-bye Baby’.

2. Practise saying or singing the nursery rhyme with your child.

3. Sing the nursery rhyme with your child again, but this time in an exaggerated manner or with a silly voice.

4. Watch the video ‘Let’s move and freeze’. Recite it a third time with some movement around the room as a character or thing from the rhyme depicting what is happening in the narrative.

5. Think about facial expressions and tone of voice, and the way that the selected character moves. Move with your child and then freeze in a pose and take a photo.

What your child can do next

1. Revise ‘Little Miss Muffet’. Sing it or say it with a household member.

2. Use your melodic contour line map to practise humming ‘Little Miss Muffet’. Teach someone in your household to sing the song using the melodic contour map.

3. Watch this Introduction to Visual Arts video to help you create a figurative painting through painting some coloured paper and scratching out paint to represent a character.

4. Scratch out Miss Muffet’s spider on your painted page with the reverse end of the paintbrush. Make sure you think about the body of a spider and identify its main body parts. Figurative painting can be of animals or people. Remember to focus on shapes of the figure and not perfect lines for this technique.

Options for your child

Activity too hard?

Draw a picture of a spider instead of scratching it out.

Activity too easy?

Scratch out the entire scene of ‘Little Miss Muffet’ including all characters. Include Dr Muffet (her stepfather) in the scene as well if desired.

Extension/Additional activity

Create other figurative painting artwork using this scratching technique as shown in the video provided. Consider other animals such as the demonstrated dog in your artwork. Look at some of the artwork of Reg Mombassa for inspiration

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