Package 2-1: Year 1 and 2 Mathematics - Basketball Toss

In this activity your child will explore different methods to collect, interpret and evaluate data.

Package 2-1 - Year 1 and 2 Mathematics - Basketball Toss

Things you need

Have these things available so your child can complete this task.


  • Watch the video Basketball Toss

  • A clear space

  • A basket or bucket

  • Paper and markers

  • A pair of socks

Back up

  • Any large container

  • Pencils

  • Any soft object

Before you start

What does a parent need to consider before they start?

  • Gather the materials needed.

  • Ensure students have a large space to play in.

What your child needs to know and do

This activity allows your child to explore different methods to collect data, comparing results, interpreting data and evaluating.

What to do next

  1. Mark a clear ‘starting line’ for your basketball toss.

  2. Take 3 big steps from your starting line and place a basket, bucket or container at the end.

  3. Stand at your starting line and throw your socks with your right hand.

  4. Go back to your starting line and have your second throw.

  5. Repeat this until you have thrown your socks 10 times with your right hand and then 10 times with your left hand.

  6. Record your throws on a paper using tally marks.

  7. Create a picture graph to share your results.

Options for your child

Activity too hard?

Bring the basket closer.

Record the results of the throws for the child.

Activity too easy?

Ask your child to predict if they will get it in or not.

Get them to compare the number of times they got the basket to when they did not.

Which was higher and why?

Extend the learning

  • What do you notice about your graph?

  • What does it tell you about your success at playing sock basketball using your left hand compared to using your right hand?

  • Do you think that these results will change with practice?

  • Get a sibling to play the same game and compare results.

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