Package 1 - Kindergarten Creative arts - Diddle Diddle Dumpling

In this lesson your child will learn to sing the song Diddle Diddle Dumpling and will then create their own rhyme.

Week 6 - Package 1 - Kindergarten Creative arts - Diddle Diddle Dumpling

Things your child will need

Have these things available so your child can complete this task.


Back up

  • Smartphone

Before your child starts

Things to think about:

  • Which nursery rhymes or songs do you know? Can you share some with your child? Perhaps it is a lullaby that was sung to you at bedtime, or a rhyme that you said in the playground? ( for example ‘Teddy Bear’ for skipping games, or ‘Im the King of the Castle’)

  • Do you remember any clapping games you could share with your child?

What your child needs to do

  1. Practise saying “This is my speaking voice’ to your child, asking them to say it back to you in the same way as you spoke it. Vary the type of voice you use, so that it is either loud/soft, fast/slow, happy/sad, high/low cross/excited. For example “This is my happy voice,’ and your child echoes this back to you in the same way.

  2. Learn the rhyme Diddle Diddle Dumpling with your child and keep the beat (the beat stays the same it doesn’t change like the rhythm of the words) by tapping it on your thighs throughout the rhyme. This is called chanting.

Diddle Diddle dumpling, my son John,

Went to bed with his trousers on,

One shoe off and one shoe on,

Diddle Diddle Dumpling my son John.

What your child can do next

  1. Find a comfortable place for your child to watch and participate in the music lesson about Diddle Diddle Dumpling. (14 minutes)

  2. After watching the video, talk to your child about what they learnt.

  3. Work with your child to create their own Diddle Diddle Dumpling rhyme in a similar way to the example given in video. Explain that your new name must be 1 syllable long. It doesn’t have to be a person, it may be a pet “ Diddle Diddle Dumpling, my dog Scruff, Went to bed on a powder puff.’ Write down the words for your child and practise it together until it is well known.

Options for your child

Activity too hard?

Have your child watch the video footage of the lesson without the extra activities.

Activity too easy?

Write out the rhyme and illustrate it.

Extension/additional activity

Explore some clapping games and other nursery rhymes that you can sing or chant. They are an excellent way to keep the beat.

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