Package 5-1: Kindergarten Subsitising

In this lesson your child will subitise, which is the ability to look at something and know how many items there are without having to count.

Week 6 - Package 1 - Kindergarten Mathematics- Subsitising

Things your child will need

Have these things available so your child can complete this task.


Back up

  • Show your child faces of a dice you have at home.

Why is this activity important?

When children subitise it means they can work out how many in a collection without having to count everything they see. They can describe how many by looking and thinking which helps your child build their mathematical imaginations. Spatial structures are critical mathematical representations that children need to be able to make meaning from. It later enables children to work flexibly with numbers and operations.

Before you start

Your child can interact with this task on their own if needed. If you are with them, observe what they know and gently guide them to respond to the video only as needed.

What your child needs to know and do

By exploring how different people useWhat to do next

Watch the Subitising match my collection video and have your child interact with the video as they watch it.

Options for your child

Activity too hard?

Pause the video for a while if needed, so your child can create their representations.

Activity too easy?

Ask your child if there are other ways to prove their thinking?

Ask your child to draw different ways of representing the same amount.

Follow-up questions to ask your child

  • Can you explain your thinking?

  • What did you notice?

  • How is the thinking in the video similar or different to yours?

Extension/additional activity

Engage with subitising dice patterns.

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