Package 4-4 - Kindergarten Mathematics - Paddlepop sticks 1

This number talk will help your child to notice some very important patterns of our number system.

Week 5 - Package 4 - Kindergarten Mathematics - Paddlepop sticks 1

Things you need

Have these things available so your child can complete this task.


Back up

  • 20 containers

  • sticks, pencils or something that can be used instead of paddlepop sticks (more than 25)

Why is this activity important?

This number talk will help your child to notice some very important patterns of our number system:

  • We regroup and rename quantities every time we get to a collection of 10 ones (and we call it 1 ten).

  • We ungroup and rename to help us count backwards.

Before you start

Counting with understanding is something that needs to be continually reinforced and practised with your child. You should connect the counting word to the items as you count them both forwards and backwards.

What your child needs to know and do

Watch the number talk.

What to do next

After watching the number talk, you might want to recreate the cup 10-frames and practise counting a collection of paddlepop sticks. Make sure that you count both forwards and backwards.

If you don’t have cups and paddlepop sticks, watching the number talk is already a very powerful learning experience.

Options for your child

Activity too hard?

Rewatch the video and focus on collections which are less than twenty for now.

Activity too easy?

Increase the number range beyond 24 (but keep it to only tens and ones).

Follow-up questions to ask your child

  • What was something that you found interesting/challenging?

  • Did you find grouping easier to do than ungrouping? Why do you think that is?

  • Is there a part where you get stuck? What’s a strategy to help you overcome this?

Extension/Additional activity

Repeat this activity with lots of different collections. Make sure that your child takes their time and counts with understanding.

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