Package 3-5 - Kindergarten Mathematics - Ten concentration

This task is helpful for noticing patterns with number combinations.

Week 3 - Package 5 - Kindergarten Mathematics - Number busting

Things you need

Have these things available so your child can complete the tasks.


  • Playing cards (Ace to 10, plus jokers)

Why is this activity important?

This task is helpful for noticing patterns with number combinations. Being able to use number combinations that form ten allows students to use a range of efficient strategies when solving problems.

Before you start

Make sure you have the required resources ready.

What your child needs to know and do

Your child will need strategies for combining quantities up to 10.

What to do next


  • Use ace to ten plus the jokers (which represent 0 in this case)

  • Shuffle the cards and lay them out in a 4x4 array (grid), leaving the remaining cards in a central pile.

  • Take it in turns to flip over two cards, looking for combinations that combine to 10.

    • If successful, students take the two cards. Replenish the two cards using the central pile.

    • If unsuccessful, students turn the cards face down again.

  • Play until there are no cards left.

  • The winner is the person with the most pairs.

Options for your child

Activity too hard?

Play with cards from Ace to 5, and the joker to represent 0. Look for pairs of numbers that combine to 5.

Activity too easy?

Change the target number to find combinations to 13, for example.

Use 3 or 4 cards to form the target numbers.

Follow-up questions to ask your child

  • Were you surprised by all the different ways to make 10?

  • What did you notice about the numbers that combine to ten?

  • Let’s record what we found out about ten! 10 is… (then, record combinations such as 6 and 4, 3 and 7, 8 and 2, etc.)

Extension/additional activity

Calculate scores by adding the value of each card, counting on by tens (using paired cards). The student with the highest score is declared the winner.

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