Planning holiday activities

The school holidays are coming, which means your children are about to have a lot of free time and nowhere to go. To support our parents and children we’ve compiled a long list of activities to stimulate minds and keep your children busy and engaged during this period.

Considering these school holidays are going to be different from any other school holidays anyone has experienced before here are some tips for seamlessly navigating the upcoming school holidays:
  • Have a plan: With children involved, things might not happen the way you hoped but having a plan to begin with can definitely help.
  • Schedule lots of activities: Each activity is only meant to engage your child for 30min - 1 hour, this means you’ll need to create a schedule to involve a few different activities to keep your child stimulated throughout the day. This doesn’t mean you need to plan every minute of every day. Allow for flexibility, for example if your child wants to do something else or wants to keep doing an activity for longer.
  • Be prepared: Some activities might require ingredients or supplies, so you may want to prepare for these activities ahead of time.
  • Take a break: Create solo activities that ensure your child is engaged in something but doesn’t require your constant involvement. This will allow you to take a break as well. A stressed out parent creates stressed out children, so ensure you also take the time you need.

Keep it social

Normally during the school holidays your children would be spending time with their friends and family. This school holiday it isn’t possible to the same extent, but you should schedule time for your child to catch up with them online. For example, you can:

  • Set up online play dates with friends: Not only will your child love seeing and spending time with their friend but it will also give you some down time.

Your children would also spend more time with their grandparents or extended family during the school holidays. Since this also isn’t currently possible, for those who don’t have grandparents staying with them, you should also schedule in some social time. For example:

  • Online bonding time: Video chat with grandparents or extended family to ensure everyone remains connected and spends time together.
  • Virtual story time with grandparents: This could be a fun way for your children to spend time with their grandparents and ensure their grandparents feel and stay connected.
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