Audiobooks and podcasts activities

The school holidays are coming, which means your children are about to have a lot of free time and nowhere to go. To support our parents and children we’ve compiled a list of audiobooks and podcasts to stimulate minds and keep your children busy and engaged during this period.

Audiobooks for Kids

There’s nothing like an audiobook to reduce screen time, keep your child engaged and give you a break. Here are a few we found, but there are many, many more:

Story Time From Space: Why listen to just an ordinary audiobook when your child can listen to an audiobook read by an astronaut from the international space station.

Audible: Just like for you, Audible also caters to your children, pre-teens and teens to keep them engaged and busy over the school holidays.

Kids Podcasts

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity around the world, so why not for kids? Here are a few podcasts you can incorporate into your daily/weekly schedule:

But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids: For those insatiable learners that always have a dozen questions waiting.

Smash, Boom, Best: This is a debate podcast, which is both entertaining and will teach your child how to construct a good argument.

This Kids Life - The Sydney Opera House: This podcast from the Sydney Opera House explores what children think about science, resilience, diversity and accessibility.

Tumble - A science podcast for kids: This science podcast for children has episodes of around 15 minutes, covering a variety of topics.

ABC Kids listen: This platform is a dedicated radio station and on demand app for kids and their grown-ups, brought to you by the ABC.

Kids Story Room: Wonderful, wacky and original story podcasts for kids of all ages.

These are just some activities we found, feel free to look for your own or change them to suit your needs. Let us know about the ones you tried or ones we missed that you think should be added to the list.

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