Setting up your school for success

Advice, support and recommendations for school leaders making decisions about moving to a remote learning model.

Teaching and learning off campus will present challenges for teachers, students and parents. Those challenges will be largely around access and adaptation:

  • All teachers and students need to be able to distribute and access learning activities.
  • Teachers need to know how they are to keep in contact with their students, parents and carers.
  • Teachers need clearly defined planning and contact time guidelines to support their teaching practice and wellbeing.
  • Students, parents and teachers will need support and guidance as they adapt to a different way of teaching and learning.

Communicating clearly and setting realistic expectations is very important. School staff, students and parents need to be aware of their responsibilities.

You will need to decide whether continuity of learning will be provided predominantly using digital content, online resources and platforms or analogue methods. This decision should be based on the:

  • resources of the school community
  • ICT capabilities of staff, students and parents
  • age of students involved.

This section has resources and guidance to help you make the right decision for your school community.

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