Supporting teaching

As schools move to mixed delivery of learning, teachers need clear guidelines and robust support.

The department released several example models for phasing in face-to-face education on Leading educational continuity (staff only).

Consult with your staff before deciding how your school will implement the phased return to face-to-face education in term 2. It is unlikely that any model will perfectly address your school's situation, but the consultation will allow you to:

  • identify potential issues
  • establish a process for addressing those issues if they arise
  • clearly communicate priorities.

Whatever model you choose should be flexible enough to allow both teachers and students to work effectively while they are at home as well as at school. Teaching at home outlines some models which can work for both fully remote and mixed delivery.

Your staff will need clear guidelines on:

  • how they should communicate directly with parents, carers and students
  • any changes to reporting expectations
  • how to record student attendance on days without direct contact.

These guidelines will also need to be communicated regularly to the school community so that everyone is clear on how things are changing. This term will be challenging for everyone, so engaging with your school community regularly will be important.

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