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The answers to commonly asked questions about attendance during learning from home.

How should we record the absence of students who remain at home in accordance with the department's request?

With regard to the Premier's advice that parents may choose to keep their children at home from 24 March 2020.

The student is participating in a flexible timetable and not present because they are not required to be at school under government direction: 'F mark'.

What should we advise parents who ask how their child's attendance will be marked if they are home?

All children are expected to complete learning activities set by their teacher.

These learning activities have been developed by the classroom teacher. If work is completed as set by their teacher, students will be recorded as having completed work using the 'F mark'.

For students returning hard copies of work, the time delay should be taken into account when marking the roll.

If after 7 calendar days there has been no advice from the parents, these absences should be recorded as an unexplained absence using the 'A mark'.

What should I do if a student does not participate in any learning activities set by their teacher and the parent/carer does not provide an explanation?

Schools should record these absences with an 'A mark'.

What should I do if a parent/carer advises the school that their child is sick and unable to participate in any learning activities set by their teacher?

For children who become sick, as notified by their parent, record absences using the 'S mark'.

Medical certificates should not be expected in this current climate.

A special circumstance register should be maintained for any students attending who are not enrolled but are from another NSW public school.


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