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The stress starts to feel a lot like a headache. Can't focus on anything ... And the words are blurring in front of you ... That's the point where I sort of have to step away and be like, okay I'm going to take a break now and I'm going to get something to eat, or go outside. I got really stressed during exams just because I felt like I knew that I wasn't going to do too well. But I knew that all my friends were working really hard. I think that getting stressed up about the whole thing basically affects your overall performance to be able to study and do the exam. When you're stressing then, you tend to not be thinking properly. If I was ever stressed, the way I've been dealing with it, would be to just go for a skate. I just jump on my skateboard and leave the house for a while. If then, I felt like I was hungry or thirsty or anything really, then I just go and do it. Take naps, sometimes showers, just physical breaks to clear my mind. Or eating. I'll eat. Yeah. That's the best one, probably.

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