EdLive on demand

Education LIVE videos

Watch videos presented by over 70 of Australia’s foremost educators, artists, zookeepers, athletes and industry experts. Lessons include the basics of Auslan with Emma Wiggle, astronomy with a NASA astrophysicist, maths tricks by Eddie Woo and music with Guy Sebastian.


Turn your imagination outwards with art lessons presented by iconic Australian artists and the Art Gallery of NSW.


Delight the senses with these easy, at-home cooking lessons taught by celebrity chefs.


Learn the basics of accents, character development and magic with actors from the Harry Potter stage show, Sydney Theatre Company and magician Adam Mada.


Literacy lessons with accomplished authors and their colourful cast of characters. Go on a pawsome literary adventure with Honey the story dog and a line-up of celebrity authors.


Lessons on meditation, resilience and the idea that it’s ok if you don’t know what you want to do when you leave school. Special guests offer guidance for Year 12 students.


Explore the mathematics that are hidden around all of us, using everyday objects like a deck of cards or chess pieces.

Mental health

Take a moment of mindfulness to refocus your learning and your day. Lessons on meditation and mental health support.


Music stars such as Guy Sebastian and Bella Taylor Smith teach singing, song writing and finding your authentic voice.

Physical activities

From disco cardio to ball handling skills and contemporary dance, boost your energy levels with an at-home work-out or dance routine.


From creepy crawlies to at-home science experiments and a NASA astrophysicist answers the age-old question; do aliens exist?

Marvellous and magical

Lessons that might turn your thumb green, teach you a visual language or bring an illusion to life. Reset your day by watching something a little unexpected.
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