Showcasing student work

Digital student portfolios

A digital portfolio is a way to share individual student work with parents, carers or the wider school community using technology. Students can create their own digital portfolios using a variety of tools. Browse through a selection of the tools available to schools using the digital learning selector. Make sure you use the 'presentation' filter to see relevant tools.

Platforms and tools

Some common tools are Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.

For upper primary and secondary students, you may prefer to use tools such as OneNote, Sway and Teams. For support with this, view the recorded student digital portfolio professional learning sessions (accessed via Microsoft Stream).

Sharing digital portfolios safely

It's important that students learn how to share their digital portfolio safely. Students can watch the following videos for directions on how to do this.

Class or group digital showcase

If you would prefer to share the work of a whole class or group, consider a digital showcase using online presentation tools. These tools allow you to share work completed throughout the year or for a particular project.

There are some great tools available for creating websites (integrating text, images, videos and more) in a really simple, user-friendly way. No coding is required! Simply drag, drop, type and customise using templates. Many of the platforms allow you to restrict access, letting you choose who can view the website.

Google Sites

Microsoft Sway

You can also utilise Adobe resources (such as Adobe Spark) and Apple resources.

Virtual art exhibition

View examples of what other schools have done to get inspiration and explore some of the tools you can use to create a virtual arts exhibition (including video, PowerPoint online, Google Sites, Sway, Matterport and more).

You can also view the Arts Unit's step-by-step guide to creating a virtual art exhibition. This resource provides instructions, links and examples for 2 different online platforms (SITU360 and SharePoint Space) to create a virtual arts exhibition at your school.

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