Pre-recording with Zoom transcript

Pre-recording in Zoom.

We acknowledge the first Australians as the traditional custodians of the continent, whose culture is the oldest living culture in human history. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and we respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land. We extend our respect all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people here today. They share the memories, traditions and hopes of the traditional ancestors with the new generations, today and in the future. We would also like to thank them for looking after this land for thousands of years.

While preparing a virtual celebration of learning there might be things we wish t to pre-record first and play back during the live stream. We may have an address from a visitor or a student or teacher who are not able to attend.

There are lots of ways we can pre-record and one of those ways is with Zoom.

In Zoom I need to come into my account, navigate to my settings, and click on the recording tab. In this section I need to make sure that I have allowed cloud and local recording.

I'm going to come to my meetings tab, select personal room, and start my personal meeting room. When I'm in my personal meeting room I can check my sound levels, I can start my video and when I am ready, I can begin to record my address.

If I come over to the record button I have two options. I can record to the cloud or I can record to the computer. Generally I record to the cloud.

When your recording has rendered, you'll receive an email. Then I can come back to my Zoom account and come to Recordings.

Once I have found the recording that I would like to share, I can click on that link and from here I can choose the shared screen with speaker view, the audio only or an audio transcript. For an address we would be looking to download the share screen with speaker view and we can then share that recording with our meeting host.

Thank you.

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