Guest speakers

Before recording

  • Agree on the length of the recording.

  • Prepare a script collaboratively.

  • Check that the language in the script is inclusive, and complies with the department code of conduct.

  • Check with your guest to find out what equipment is available to them.

  • If needed organise and send equipment to guest.

  • Obtain signed permission to publish for a streamed live event and/or recording of the event to be published on school’s website.

  • Arrange a date and time for recording, make sure to leave plenty of time for editing.

For recording

  • Record introduction separately, maybe insert title slide with guest’s name and credentials.

  • Choose to record via:

    • Zoom

    • Microsoft Teams (if your guest has a department account)

    • or your guest can record themselves using their own device.

  • Decide whether to use portrait vs landscape ratio for recording.

  • Do a test recording to make sure lighting and sound are good.

  • Check what is in the background of the recording.

  • Ask them to record a few versions.

After recording

  • Edit the video. You can do this yourself or send it to Shootsta Hub if you plan far enough ahead.

  • Add a transcript. You can convert your script into the transcript but you need to make sure the transcript accurately reflects what the speaker is saying. This will then help you make your captions.

  • Add captions. You will need to create your captions and then upload them to the platform hosting your video.

  • During live event, make sure you turn on captions when screening the video.

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