Pre-recorded media is a great way to have student performances, guest speakers and student image collages during a live streamed event. Alternatively you may need or want to pre-record the entire event.

Want to use Schools Video to create pre-recorded content?

Making videos has never been easier for NSW public schools. This integrated video solution enables you to distribute video to your school website or social channels. Use the power of Shootsta Hub and Brightcove Video Cloud to upload your raw footage, create video and then share with your audience.

Find instructions and support on the Schools Video user guide.

Want to use Zoom to pre-record video?

If you want to edit and produce your own content, or pre-record guest speakers you can use Zoom.

Advice for pre-recording via Zoom.

Need support planning or scripting your pre-recorded content?

Want to include your band or choir?

Restrictions around live choir and woodwind instruments mean that you will need to pre-record any content you want to use.

Advice and support for including your band and choir.

Any music you use will have copyright implications.

Want to have an external guest speaker?

Due to restrictions around visitors to schools you will need to pre-record any guest speakers you would like to invite to take part.

Advice on pre-recording guest speakers.

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