There are important legal considerations around permission to publish via social media, for live streaming and for hosting pre-recorded content on the internet. Ensure you have read and understood the following information and sought and retained all appropriate permissions.

Want to include images, video or sound recordings of your students in the event?

If livestreaming a school event, you cannot rely on the usual school permission to publish form. A more detailed notification that includes specific information about the event must be used.

Schools should address any security and privacy risks associated with filming or live streaming before the event. The following should be considered:

  • control access to the virtual ceremony
  • address rules of conduct before the event
  • place limits on the location of students when they are on camera
  • consider limiting participation to students only if possible
  • set rules around taking screenshots and using recording devices.

In the case of a graduation, most students will be 17 or 18, so there will be a mix of student and parent or carers signing the consent form.

Consent should be specifically for the student to participate in the school event on a particular date. The parent and student should acknowledge that they are aware pre-recorded video and audio as well as photographs of the student may be displayed during the event.

In addition parents/students should provide consent to the student’s photograph and video/audio recording to be published in:

  • school/department publications and websites including social media websites
  • external medial print and electronic outlets.

Complete the Permission to film and live stream (DOCX 41KB) with all the details of your assembly.

If class photos are to be shown during the live streamed event it is recommended that schools also check that permission to publish for students featured is current.

Want to include an external guest speaker?

You will need written permisison to publish from them.

Media release forms for adults as well as specific advice can be found on the publishing and privacy guidelines page.

Want to live stream, publish or promote via social media?

Some notes from the new social media procedures guide:

  • Schools are recommended to monitor comments at least every 24 hours, since there is precedent for page owners being held liable for comments made on their pages.
  • Any photos of students can only be published with completed permission to publish forms from parents/guardians, and those photos must be removed within one year of publishing unless schools seek further permission.
  • Schools must not tag students at all, and can only name them in comments on rare occasions and with parental permission.

There is no way to disable comments on a Facebook Live stream, so this should be a consideration for any schools looking to use Facebook Live.

The department social media procedures booklet has sample rules of engagement and other text that schools can use.

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