Zoom virtual celebration checklist

When setting up the meeting

  • Are you running a meeting or a webinar?
  • Choose a topic
  • Set the date and time
  • Change authentication from DoE to Zoom
  • Add alternate hosts and/or panelists
  • Disable Q&A if you don’t want attendees to be able to ask questions
  • Set a more memorable password
  • Enable Practice session
  • Has the invitation link been sent to your attendees?

Prior to meeting

  • Confirm date/time of meeting
  • Identify key support staff- who will run the Zoom meeting during the assembly?
  • Who will field troubleshooting emails/phonecalls?
  • Will the session be recorded?
  • Run a test, with the agenda for the assembly being followed.
  • Check any camera changes- is the vision clear? Can you hear participants?
  • Ensure that attendees from outside of your school have a Zoom account. A guide is in the support documents.
  • Test your audio
  • Test your video
  • Have you pre-loaded any additional content such as videos, images and music?
  • Will you be sharing content from an iPad or iPhone? Have you tested the connection?

Hardware setup

  • Make sure the streaming device (laptop or tablet) has a power cable
  • Choose a place with a strong Wi-Fi signal
  • Have a backup device on standby
  • Is the room well lit?
  • Do you need an external microphone?
  • Do you need an additional camera?
  • Position your camera on the focus point.

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