Zoom settings for people outside of the department

How to set up a Zoom meeting for people outside of the department to join.

A screenshot of the zoom log on screen. An arrow points to the last option, which is sign in.
  • Select Schedule a New Meeting
A screenshot of a portion of the screen - select the Schedule a New Meeting button
  • Fill in your meeting details as required. Scroll down the page until you find the meeting options.
  • In the section for Only authenticated users can join, it will say Sign in with DoE Single Sign-On by default.
  • Select the arrow at the end of the box, and in the drop-down options select Sign in to Zoom.
  • Your meeting will now be accessible for Independent schools and external parties with Zoom accounts.
From the Only authenticated users can join dropdown, Sign in with DoE Single Sign On is selected by default. Users should select Sign in to Zoom instead.
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