Screen sharing in Zoom webinar

In a webinar, you will usually want the host and the panellists to be able to share their screen.

Before the webinar starts broadcasting, the host will need to ensure that the panellists have permission to share. In the tool bar at the base of the screen (you may need to move your mouse to be able to see it) you will see a share screen button, with a small arrow beside it. Click on the small arrow.

From the Zoom toolbar, select the share screen option

An options box will pop up. Make sure that you have selected All Panellists in both sections.

In advanced sharing options make sure All Panellists is selected for both Who can share and Who can start sharing when someone else is sharing.

When you are ready to share, click on the share screen button. If you are sharing a video, you will need to select Share computer sound and optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip.

From the Select a windon or an application you want to share dialog box, select both Share computer sound and optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip options

Select the screen you would like to share, and click on the share button.

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