Zoom is a good choice for live streaming your celebrations to external guests such as parents and carers. Using a password can help with security.

Set up and use Zoom for your school's event

This 6:36 video will guide you through setting up your live stream, including instructions on how to invite people outside of the department, what hardware to use and how to distribute invites.

Setting up Zoom for your school's celebration

Enhancing your live stream using Zoom

This 3:52 video will provide you with tips on bringing your live stream to the next level, including tips like using additional cameras and external microphones.

Enhance your live stream with Zoom

Checklist for setting up a virtual event using Zoom

The Zoom celebration checklist will support to plan and deliver a sucessful live streamed celebration via Zoom.

Frequently asked questions

Setting up my meeting

In Zoom, a meeting is an interactive online space, with lots of scope for interaction and collaboration between attendees. Depending on settings, attendees can use their video, microphone and chat.

A webinar has hosts, cohost and panelists who can share their screens and turn on their microphones and videos. For a virtual learning conference, a webinar is the ideal platform.

Parents should be sent the webinar link, along with the guide How people outside the department can join a Zoom meeting.

Using Zoom within the DoE environment has been designed to offer safety and security for our students, so all attendees must have a Zoom account. These accounts are free.

Yes. If you believe you will have more than 500 participants, you can either run two concurrent sessions, or contact EDconnect to access a larger license temporarily.

During the meeting


The host or the co-host can go to the chat settings, and limit sharing options, or turn the chat off altogether.

You may want to consider having the chat open for the five minutes before you commence to assist with any trouble shooting, then close the chat.


If you run a webinar, only your hosts, co-hosts and panelists can turn on their camera or microphone, unless invited to do so.

Refer to the Roles in a Zoom webinar guide.


It is recommended that there be only one connection per classroom, to minimise impact on the school's bandwidth. The Zoom session can be displayed on an interactive whiteboard.

See the guide to Using Zoom on an Interactive Whiteboard.


Have your video open but not playing on your computer. At the appropriate time, share your screen and select your video. You must click on the Share computer sound button and the Optimise screen sharing for video option.

Please refer to the screen sharing in a Zoom webinar guide.

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