Checklist for virtual events

This checklist will help you plan, promote and produce a livestream or pre-recorded Year 12 graduation event.

Pre-event considerations

School leaders need to communicate with the graduating cohort, their families and determine the technological capacity available to deliver the event.

Prior to the event your school needs to consider:

  • surveying Year 12 cohort families to determine access to technology including internet access and bandwidth capacity
  • surveying Year 12 cohort families to determine preference for type of event. Would they prefer
    • a livestream event
    • or a pre-recorded ceremony?

(To support your understanding of these options visit the Live streaming guide on Schools Video page.)

  • speaking with your school’s Technical Support Officer, technology support or audio visual department to determine availability of
    • filming, sound and lighting equipment
    • capacity of school internet and bandwidth
    • school license agreements and web memberships to live stream events. For example, to use Brightcove for livestream an account is required.
    • filming and editing capacity of pre-recorded segments of graduation.
  • redistributing to all Year 12 students permission to be filmed and permission to publish. It is essential students and their families understand that this is a compulsory requirement.
    • Schools are to collect and keep a register of returned permissions.
    • Students and families who do not give their consent, cannot participate in the filmed event.
    • Templates of permission to publish notes.
  • pre-recorded guest speakers require a permission to be filmed and permission to publish. This is a compulsory requirement. Schools are to collect and keep a register of returned permissions.
  • carrying out a risk assessment.

Graduation Ceremony

A Year 12 graduation is a traditional event with elements that will need to be adjusted to adhere to social distancing, health and safety requirements

  • Students must not be at the ceremony if they are sick. For health and safety considerations for school events visit COVID-19 school operations support.
  • Performances, musical numbers and guest speakers will need to be pre-recorded. For advice on pre-recording performances and speakers visit the Pre-recording section of this site.
  • Copyright policy must be adhered to for music and images used in a live streamed or online events.

During the ceremony, schools will need to:

  • practice social distancing – when sitting students for assembly (chairs) and during presentation of awards
  • have no hand shaking
  • make antibacterial sanitiser available.

Meet with Year 12 support team to determine:

  • graduation packages to distribute to students
  • additional awards for graduation including academic, school, and attendance
  • the number of performances required to be pre-recorded
  • Year 12 video or interactive component to be pre-recorded.

Livestream your event

Schools livestreaming their graduation ceremony should consider:

It is important that the school run a practice graduation livestream event to prepare for the unexpected. Test:

  • internet capacity
  • filming requirements
  • interchange between livestream and the pre-recorded segments.

Changes to script and filming can be made prior to the live event. A ‘Plan B’ should be available if live streaming does not go to plan.


Consider your audience:

  • Do they have a device to watch the event on?
  • Do they have internet access?
  • Should a copy of the script be available to those with a disability?

Digital citizenship

Don’t forget to meet with students prior to the event to discuss protocols including being respectful, responsible and safe.

More advice can be found on the General how to guides page.

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