General how to guides

Need a checklist to help plan your event?

Changing how you run your events can be a good opportunity to see student voice and community feedback on preferences. It's also a great time to conduct an audit into the technology and audio visual capabilities of your school.

This checklist will help you explore what could be possible in your context and prepare your community for a new style of celebration.

Event technical support

Understand the main elements of running an event, including event safety, risk management and troubleshooting technical issues.

Want help communicating with your community?

Whether you are changing your celebrations slightly, delaying them, or running a virtual event, clear communciation with your school community will help.

The celebration case studies include examples of how other schools have communicated with their community.

Need help managing digital citizenship and behaviour?

Set clear guidelines and expectations with your staff, students and parents. A virtual school event is still a school event.

Prior to the event students shold be clearly reminded of their digital citizenship and behaviour obligations.

The Virtual dance case study on Billabong High School includes an example of a Code of conduct document that was supplied to students prior to the event.

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