Delaying your event

Given the complexities of planning and holding a virtual celebration in your context it may be that the best possible option is to delay your event.

Key considerations

  • Deciding to delay your event until after all the HSC exams are complete in the hope of having changed restrictions should be done in consultation with the student community where ever possible.
  • There will always be a risk that you will have to go virtual in the end because of circumstances specific to your school or rapid changes in the state.
  • Avoiding a live-streamed or pre-recorded event may be the best choice in communities where equity issues impact the amout of technology or internet access available to your school community.


  • Fewer concerns about copyright, permissions and child protection.
  • No need to scramble around with new technology.
  • Less possibility of equity issues that exclude some members of your community.
  • Students may be able to have the face to face event they want, particularly if some restrictions are lifted after the HSC is over.


  • The situation in the state or for your school could change rapidly, meaning you have delayed and still have to hold the event virtually.
  • There may be issues around students who are no longer enrolled at the school.
  • You will need to communicate the decision and risks to your community clearly to avoid confusion.
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