Regardless of whether you are live streaming or recording your virtual event, you must understand your copyright obligations. Some of the copyright allowances and limitations have changed since the 2020 lockdown and the introduction of learning from home. These pages will be updated with current information as it becomes available.


While all department-owned resources, including resources created by staff, may be used freely, any content that contains resources created by a third party cannot be used unless that use is authorised.

That content may include; film clips, music or spoken audio recordings, illustrations, photographs, text, graphs and tables, or any other content sourced from outside the department. This includes student works.

None of the department’s educational-use copyright licences, or the exceptions in the Copyright Act permit schools to post third party material on a public website, even those intended to assist teachers and parents. Schools can only rely on the statutory licences where access to the content is password protected.


Where third-party content is included, access to the recording or live stream should be restricted to students (and parents) that the event has been created for.


During 2020, publishers offered a Storytime Arrangement that provided some comfort that the reading of stories to students as part of a virtual or recorded class/lesson. That Storytime Arrangement has been revived. During periods of remote learning, schools can rely on this arrangement to read books online to students and their families.

Read information about conditions applied to the arrangement.


See the Permissions page for information on obtaining consent from students, guest speakers and other content creators that the school has contact with.

Use free material

Teachers and schools are encouraged to use Creative Commons (CC) licensed material and Open Education Resources (OER). CC licensed material and OER are free to access, modify and share. For information on where to find CC and OER materials, see Where to find CC licensed material and Where to find OER materials.

Further advice

If you have any concerns about whether your use of resources may be a breach of copyright, contact Legal Services.

Additional information

The Smartcopying website contains copyright tips and fact sheets for Australian schools. It also has information specific to schools dealing with COVID-19 restrictions on its COVID-19 Copyright Issues page.

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