Virtual speaking competitions

In 2020, students across the state participated in a range of inter-school speaking competitions run by the Arts Unit. They used the platform Zoom to compete virtually.

How was it organised?

The competitions were held live over Zoom, with finals being recorded (with permission). Recordings were edited afterwards and released to schools for viewing.

For impromptu topics, administrators used 'break out' rooms within Zoom. You can also use this feature if you don't want participants to hear each other's speeches or to give adjudicator feedback.

Managing virtual attendees

The Arts Unit ensured that you could only access the live Zoom if you had the relevant link and password. You also had to be admitted from the waiting room by an administrator.

Participants needed to identify themselves with their school name within Zoom once they were admitted. There was an allocated administrator who made sure that participants were muted and their screens were off at the appropriate times.

View examples

Select a link below to see the virtual competitions from 2020 in action:

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