Virtual art exhibitions

School examples

View real school examples of virtual arts exhibitions, using a variety of different tools and platforms.

Large painted portraits mounted on a school fence. Large painted portraits mounted on a school fence.
Image: Dapto Public School, 2020

Collaborative projects

Explore two virtual art exhibitions that have taken place in collaboration with the Arts Unit and Stem.T4L.

  • ARTEXPRESS virtual gallery – explore how the technology has been used to showcase exceptional works from 2020 and 2021 HSC students.
  • Your Public Art Project – explore how primary and secondary students from across NSW worked with Kaldor Public Art Projects to re-imagine public spaces within their local communities.

Creating a virtual exhibition

View the Arts Unit's step-by-step guide to creating a virtual art exhibition. This resource provides instructions, links and examples for 2 different online platforms you can use (SITU360 and SharePoint Space).

Alternatively, view the examples above to get inspiration and explore other platforms you can use.

Further information

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