Future EDge issue 2

Issue 2 - 'A fairer future'

This second issue of Future EDge focuses on ethical understanding, an important general capability in the Australian Curriculum and NSW syllabuses, and one which is critical to preparing students to become informed and thoughtful citizens who can respond to change and navigate complexity.

It includes a foreword from Martin Graham, Acting Deputy Secretary of Education and Skills Reform and features contributions from:

  • Revesby Public School principal and expert educator Narelle Nies, who offers practical strategies to develop students’ ethical understanding in the classroom and reflects on leading an innovative school through COVID-19.
  • Leading researcher Professor Robert Sternberg from Cornell University, USA, on classroom practices to develop students’ skills in wisdom: the ability to draw on ethical reasoning to make decisions and navigate complex problems.
  • Recently retired Deputy Secretary Leslie Loble on how an educational toolkit built on deep content knowledge and core skills – including ethical understanding – will equip students to make decisions when there is no clear answer, and cope with the increased uncertainty and complexity our modern world presents.
  • Assistant Professor Catherine Stinson from Queen’s University, Canada, on how educators can empower students with the ethical thinking skills, digital literacy and sense of social responsibility needed to strengthen society as it is transformed by advanced technologies including AI.

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Additional resources

Interested in hearing more from authors featured in this issue? Take a listen to the Edspresso podcast : Back to the Future: Leslie Loble reflects on a forward thinking career.

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