Future of work

As the world undergoes dramatic changes caused by artificial intelligence, rapid growth of technology, climate change and more, the Education for the Changing World initiative is asking: how will this impact the world of work? And how do we prepare our young people to compete, survive and thrive in this future employment landscape?

How will work change?

It is nearly impossible to predict the kinds of jobs that will exist when today's kindergarteners graduate from school. Just as people in the 1970's could not have predicted common roles like 'social media coordinator' or 'website designer'. We cannot assume to know how and where jobs and employment will change. To learn more access the Future Frontiers Analytical Report: The Future of Work in Australia, Lyria Bennett Moses's paper on preparing future citizens for a datafied world and Edspresso interview, and Toby Walsh's paper on the AI revolution and Edspresso interview.

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