Catalyst Lab Innovation Program (CLIP)

The Catalyst Lab is the Department of Education's own innovation and design-thinking hub.

We empower schools and communities to lead innovation. We do this in the following ways.

Innovation incubator

We ask teachers for their ideas on how to improve future-focused learning and better prepare our students to thrive in a rapidly changing world. We then support teachers through a structured innovation and design-thinking process.

Teachers are matched with innovation experts to rapidly test, validate and refine their ideas.


Some high-quality teacher-led concepts from the innovation incubator are further developed into products for use in NSW schools.

Multidisciplinary project teams comprising teachers, school leaders and department representatives work alongside external start-up companies, academics and industry partners.

Edumap and Uppley are two educational tools being developed by the team. They will be tested in schools in 2020 and developed further based on teacher feedback.

Partnerships powered by Catalyst Lab

Powered by Catalyst Lab is our in-house innovation consultancy. Tackling the issues that can't be solved through business as usual, we partner with colleagues in the department and across NSW government to develop solutions to policy and strategy challenges.

We work closely with our partners to understand objectives and scope, and to co-design innovation pathways best suited to individual needs.

Catalyst Lab Academy

We will be upskilling teachers, school leaders and colleagues in education in innovation and design thinking.

Using best-practice principals in human-centred design, a prototype model has been co-created with teachers, school leaders and representatives from the department. It will be tested and piloted in schools and relevant department colleagues in 2020.

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