Moving to high school

Forward planning helps students make a smooth transition to high school.

When to start

It is recommended that students and their parents and carers, primary school principal and school learning and support team begin planning:

  • early in the year before starting high school for a student with disability and additional learning and support needs­
  • up to two years before starting high school for a student needing help with access or mobility, e.g. for wheelchair access or if other significant changes to the high school environment may be required.

Discussions begin with a student's current school learning and support team and may involve identifying:

  • which educational option best suits a student's individual learning and support needs in high school
  • any adjustments that may be necessary for a successful transition to a new environment, such as access to technology, large print, visual supports, building modifications
  • key contacts at the intended high school
  • processes for transferring information about a student's individual education needs
  • a timeline for the transition process
  • any further support or advice required from the local Educational Services team.


Enrolment arrangements for high school students with disability and additional learning and support needs are the same as for all students. To get information about enrolment, parents and carers can visit the local public high school. More information is available on high school enrolment.

School Finder

Use the School Finder to find the local public high school.

Guides for parents and carers

Starting high school guides, checklists and organisers.

Helpful videos and articles about going into high school.

Assisted School Travel Program

Free specialised transport to and from schools can be provided to eligible students with disability.

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