Starting high school and support across the high school years

Starting high school marks the beginning of a new learning structure. Most students go from a primary school classroom with a dedicated teacher to a high school model based around a timetable of different subjects taught by different subject teachers, usually in different classrooms.

This means new teachers, new subjects, new text books and equipment and new classmates - and usually a larger school to navigate around. This milestone presents both new opportunities and challenges. Some students adjust quickly. Others need additional support until they become familiar with the new environment and routines.

Watch the video below (7min 58sec) which follows the learning and support journey of a student, Michael, through high school.

Michael's story

Enrolling in a NSW public school

Parents or carers can contact their local public school or local Educational Services teams for enrolment advice. Local teams can be contacted on 131 536 and calls can be made from anywhere in NSW.

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