Personalised Learning and Support Signposting Tool (PLASST)

Personalised Learning and Support Signposting Tool

The PLASST is a web based tool designed by the Department to assist teachers and learning and support teams to identify the functional educational needs of students who may benefit from personalised learning and support.

The PLASST generates a student profile report for an individual student in response to a set of questions completed online by their teacher. The student profile report highlights or 'signposts' the relative strengths and needs of the student and where they may benefit from adjustments or support. The student profile report can be used to inform decision making and planning by teachers and learning and support teams for the provision of personalised learning and support for the student, in consultation with their parents or carers.

The PLASST is an optional tool to assist teachers in assessing the individual needs of their students. It can be used for any student whom teachers believe has additional learning and support needs. This includes students in mainstream classes as well as students in specialist settings and support classes.

The Frequently Asked Questions provide further information about the PLASST and how it can be used.

How to access PLASST?

PLASST is accessed by logging into the DEC insight staff portal. Click onto the My applications tab, and scroll down to 'P' and click on PLASST. This will take you to the secure PLASST website.

Further development of the PLASST

The PLASST is a result of an extensive development and testing process undertaken by the Department. Further development of the PLASST has been informed by user feedback. A newer and highly modified version of the PLASST is currently under development.

Advice and Assistance

If you have trouble logging onto the staff portal contact EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 or please submit an online query.

For questions and queries about using the PLASST instrument contact the PLASST support team on (02) 7814 3879 or

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